Save Hundreds Of Dollars In Avoidable Repairs With A Solid Maintenance Plan

Nothing will ensure the long life and proper operation of your vehicle than regular routine maintenance. Each vehicle manufacturer has a recommended maintenance plan to keep your vehicle running efficiently and safely. Catch those minor repairs before they turn into something more serious. Not only will your vehicle run better, but your wallet will thank you for it.
We understand that there is never a good time to be without a vehicle. We also realize the importance of keeping your vehicle safe and in top operating condition - for the long haul. Call us today and we will help ensure your vehicle runs efficiently and safely with a solid maintenance plan for your vehicle.
Our Vehicle Maintenance Services Include:
◾Chassis Lube, Oil & Filter Change
◾Spark Plugs & Tune-ups
◾Transmission Fluid Service
◾Fluid Flushes
◾Differential Service
◾Power Steering Service
◾Timing Belts
◾Belts & Hoses
◾Radiator Service
◾Tire Rotations
◾Air, Cabin & Fuel Filters
◾A/C Service
◾Fuel Injection Flush
◾30K, 60K, 90K Services
◾Trip Insepctions
◾Pre-Purchase Inspections
And Much More!


Mastertech Auto Service takes pride in maintaining your vehicle with the simplest of services. Replacing your engine oil is one of the more important fluids to maintain the health of your engine. Depending on the manufacturer’s factory recommended maintenance schedule, your oil change can vary between every 3,000 and 6,000 miles. 
Arizona's heat can add to the break down the oil's viscosity over time causing less lubrication to your vital engine components. Changing the oil during your routine maintenance visit can help maintain the quality of lubrication your engine requires. We are proud to provide Valvoline Conventional Motor Oil with all standard oil changes. Synthetic Blends and Full Synthetics are also available. With the most up-to-date technology and information, our staff will insure the proper oils and oil filters are installed on your vehicle.

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